In Finançor Group, beyond the concerns and obligations of the Environmental Responsibility arising from the nature and size of some of the companies, including the facilities subject to the Integrated Prevention and Control of Pollution (IPPC) – Finançor Agro-Alimentar, Agraçor, Pondel Granpon and we are committed to environmentally sustainable business practices, voluntary, with the aim of Environmental Protection. We base our action on the values and guiding principles such as:

  • Continually improve the environmental performance to minimize the impact of activities;
  • Promote the use of renewable energy sources and the best technologies from the perspective of environmental protection;
  • Promote energy efficiency practices and rational use of energy;
  • Continue to invest in the rational use of water;
  • Consider the expectations of stakeholders in environmentally relevant processes and its communication;
  • To discuss on ethical principles of integrity and transparency, relations with the authorities and other stakeholders;

As examples we highlight:

  • Finançor Agro-Alimentar, SA, has assured by an external entity, the fulfillment of all legal requirements, statutory and regulatory requirements applicable in the norms of Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008) and Environment (ISO 14001:2004) being a company certified in both standards;
  • Agraçor is considered a benchmark in terms of implementation of good environmental practices by Environmental Organizations and Government Entities. It’s also a Licensed Operator in the Management and Valorization of Organic Waste. Thus it runs a biogas plant that allows the company to be self-sufficient in energy terms. (example: website SIARAM feel and interpret the environment of the Azores. –;