Finançor Agro-Alimentar, S.A., is on the market to produce safe and quality food and feed that meet the needs and expectations of its customers and consumers.

We want to be partners of our clients, giving them all the information possible, through a personalized service, in order for them to achieve the best results with our products.

For the success of this strategy we must invest continuously in process improvement of the Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment.

With our policy we intend to be a dynamic, modern, ambitious and creative company, recognized by the quality standards that meet the needs of the customers and consumers, while maintaining and reinforcing a prestigious image.

Finançor Agro-Alimentar SA, proposes to:

  • Ensure the customer trust and loyalty by meeting their needs and expectations, developing a culture focused in the market and in the results.
  • Ensure the products compliance, food safety (HACCP) and compliance with environmental requirements, through the best practices, legislation and applicable requirements.
  • Minimize the environmental impact of activities in the community.
  • Ensure the rationalization of resources involved.
  • Promote the improvement of the safety, hygiene and health in work in order to reduce the risk of operations, to prevent accidents and occupational diseases and also the improvement of the working environment.
  • Ensure the training, motivation and participation of all employees of the Company
  • In this sense, it is the company policy to maintain a quality management system, this system should ensure its own periodic evaluation in search of continuous improvement, keeping in mind that Quality is a cultural behave that shapes the organization and all who work there.