The Finançor Group, under its responsibility policy, the animal welfare is one of the areas which we are committed to apply the best practices and fully comply with all applicable laws. Aware of the responsibility, of what it means to produce about 50% of total meat production in pig meat, poultry and eggs in the Azores, we highlight the following facts:

  • The Granpon is the only company in the Azores, which meets at the date (5 December 2012) the legislation relating to the Welfare of Laying Hens in Cages (legislation that came into force on January 1, 2012) – the company complied with the law since July 2011;
  • Agraçor complies fully with all rules of animal welfare in the pork production (including the gestating sows), according to the new regulation that applies from the 1st January 2013;