The Finançor Group operates mainly in the Agro, Feed and Food sector, being a leader in the Azores on their core business areas through the following companies that owns or controls:

  • Finançor Agro-Alimentar, SA, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company, with implemented HACCP, which is engaged in manufacturing and commercialization of animal feed, raw materials for animal feed (cereals and oilseeds by-products) flour for industrial uses, flour for culinary uses, biscuits and pasta;
  • Salsiçor – Salsicharia dos Açores, SA and Salsicharia  Pavão, SA, both with HACCP implemented, dedicated to deboning, packing and meat processing, fresh and frozen (traditional charcuterie, fine meats, burgers, etc.);
  • Agraçor – Suínos dos Açores, SA is a company dedicated to pork production, production of electricity and organic fertilizer.  It has a biogas plant that allows the processing of the waste produced on the farm;
  •  Noviçor – Novilhos dos Açores, SA is dedicated to beef cattle production;
  • Avigex – Sociedade de Empreendimentos Avícolas e de Frio, Lda., Granpon – Granja Avícola de Ponta Delgada,Lda. and Pondel – Avícola de Ponta Delgada, Lda., with HACCP implemented, which are engaged in the production of poultry products (broilers and eggs) and their processing;
  • Altiprado – Empresa Agro-Pecuária da Achada das Furnas, SA dedicated to the production of milk (dairy cows).

Finançor also holds minority positions, participating in the management of other companies, especially the tourism sector:

  • Investaçor, SGPS, SA – company which owns and operates the Royal Garden Hotel, Faial Resort Hotel, the Angra Garden Hotel and Hotel Pico, on the islands of São Miguel, Faial, Terceira and Pico, respectively.
  • Bovimadeira – Exploração de Bovinos da Madeira, Lda., which operates in the beef cattle production.
  • TNA – Tecnologia e Nutrição Animal SA, is leader in Portugal in the production and marketing of additives and premixes for animal feed.