The history of the present Finançor group, results from the junction of distinct businesses routes. To be able to understand it, we must remember the founding and evolution of three companies and their subsidiaries:

  • Sociedade Financeira de Investimentos e Gestões Açores – Finançor, S.A.; 
  • Noviçor – Sociedade Agro-Pecuária de São Vicente, Lda.;
  • Sociedade Açoreana de Sabões, Lda..

Finançor, SA was founded in 1954 by a group of industrial individuals with ascendants in São Miguel, led by Viscount Botelho, absorbing, then the entire assets of Sociedade de Moagem Micaelense, Lda.

It was the year of 1976 when a group of industrial dairy producers along with some farmers (which included Noviçor) decided to jointly acquire, to the then owners, the majority of shares constituting the capital of the company.

In 1980, next to the EFTA Fund for the Portuguese industrial development, they have contracted a loan that allowed to reshape the industry sector and  the  feed mill plant.

In the late 90s, Finançor acquired to EPAC all its facilities of silos next to their production units, essential for the supply of grain at competitive prices.

Also the sector of production of biscuits was given a completely new plant in 1999.

In 2002 Finançor implemented an integrated system for quality management and environment under ISO 9001:2000 as well as a food safety system (HACCP) in all areas of business, certified by APCER in 2004.

In 1973, Dionisio Raposo Leite  founded the company Noviçor – Sociedade Agro-Pecuária de São Vicente Ferreira, Lda., now known as Noviçor – Novilhos dos Açores, SA. His partners in the constitution of the society were his wife, his sons and his son-in-law, José Manuel Almeida Braz. Leading  the company as managers, were at that time Dionísio Raposo Leite  and José Manuel Almeida Braz .The company was and is engaged in the beef cattle farming, marketing live cattle and carcasses.

As already mentioned, in 1976, Noviçor became a small shareholder of Finançor, SA, and kept strengthening its position to the company’s control, with the support of other shareholders in the early 90’s. Since the entry as a shareholder of Noviçor that José José Manuel Almeida Braz  became a Board Director of Finançor, assuming the Chairmanship of the Board of Directors since 1986 to date.

During the year 1978, the companies Avigex – Sociedade de Empreendimentos Avícolas e de Frio, Lda. and Granpon – Granja Avícola de Ponta Delgada, Lda., were founded having as shareholders Noviçor Lda., the company António N. Nóbrega, Lda. and José Manuel Almeida Braz. The production of poultry (broilers and eggs) has been since then, the activity of these companies, which were deployed in the market, becoming leaders, which still applies.

Sociedade Açoreana de Sabões began its activity in 1948, founded by Nicolau Sousa Lima, with a small plant for production of white and blue soap “Offenbach”.

In 1951, was installed a plant of mechanical extraction of oils to produce oil required for industrial production of soap and edible vegetable oils for commercialization.

In 1953 a feed mill was installed in order to use the oilseed by-products (soyabeanmeal and sunflowermeal) resulting from oil extraction.

In the 60s, 70s and 80’s, new equipment was introduced, upgrading their activities. The construction of a new feed mill in 1974 was a good example of those investments.

It was also in 1974 the foundation of Agraçor – Sociedade Agro-Pecuária Açoreana, SA, today Agraçor- Suínos dos Açores, whose main shareholder was Casa Bensaúde. During 1980, the company was acquired by Sociedade Açoreana de Sabões. It soon became a reference in pork production, in the Azores, and later at national level, either by their size and productivity, or innovation in the treatment of effluent, with the installation of a biogas unit.

In 1975 Pondel was founded by a group of members related to poultry. In the following years there were increases of capital and transfers of shares which resulted in the entry of the Sociedade Açoreana de Sabões as major shareholder in 1988. The company is dedicated, since then to the production of poultry and day old chicks.

In 2001, Sociedade Açoreana de Sabões, implemented an integrated system for quality management and environment under ISO 9001:2000, obtaining recognition by the certifying entity APCER in 2003.

The current configuration of the Finançor group began to emerge in 2005. As part of a corporate and capital reorganization, which aimed to organize the various group companies owned by Finançor and companies that owned the majority stake in Finançor Agro-Alimentar, the company C. Novais, Lda sold its participation in the Finançor and it was constituted Finançor, SGPS, SA (owned by members of the initial Noviçor) that achieved the control of Finançor Agro-Alimentar, SA..

In 2007 the group Finançor, SGPS, SA, through the Finançor Agro-Alimentar, SA, acquired the NSL – Nicolau Sousa Lima, Indústria, SGPS, SA, which owned Sociedade Açoreana de Sabões, SA,  Pondel – Avícola de Ponta Delgada, Lda and Agraçor – Sociedade Agro-Pecuária  Açoreana, Lda., with the goal of building size on the activity of animal feed and the production of poultry and pork .

During 2008, there was a new restructuring of capital within the Finançor  SGPS, SA, which led to a reduction in the number of shareholders, staying only the family Leite Braz.

In 2009, Finançor  Agro-Alimentar, SA incorporated by merger the companies NSL – Nicolau Sousa Lima, Indústria, SGPS, SA,  and Sociedade Açoreana de Sabões, SA, having also acquired the Salsiçor group, by acquiring 100% of the shares representing the capital Salsiçor – Salsicharia dos Açores,  Alibomcomer – Comércio  Alimentar, SA,  Roque & Pavão – Indústria e Comércio Alimentar, SA, Salsicharia  Mariense and 75% stake in Salsicharia Pavão, SA. With this acquisition, Finançor strengthened its position in the pork and beef meat deboning and processing, has also widened its capacity to distribute food in the Azores, due to the geographical dispersion of the acquired companies, as they’re present in São Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira, Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge and Graciosa. Meanwhile, in 2010, it also restructured the Salsiçor group, through the merger of several companies. Between 2009 and 2010, strong investments took place in the Feed Mill, allowing the merger of two plants into one and, thus, achieving synergies essential to competitiveness to be on the market today – the investment has allowed provide the plant of the most advanced technological solutions that guarantee efficiency and food security at the highest levels. During 2011 and the first half of 2012, the Wheat Flour Mill received investments that modernized flour loading sector, allowing bulk supplies to the customers.