The Wheat Flour Milling business of Finançor Agro-Alimentar, SA, produces and sells under the brand MOAÇOR, wheat flour for industrial use (type 55, type 65, type 80 and type 150 – wholemeal) and wheat flour for culinary uses (type 55 self-raising, type 65, type 80 and type 150 – wholemeal), and corn flour type 175, both for industrial purposes and for culinary uses. This business area in the Azores is led by our company, more specifically in the bakeries in which we have a market share exceeding 65%.

The manufacture of biscuits, is one of the most emblematic activities of Finançor Agro-Alimentar, SA and are commercialized under the brand MOAÇOR. The special highlight goes to Bolacha Maria and Bolacha Mulata, which were complemented with the recent release of the Mini-Marias and Mini-Mulatas MOAÇOR KIDS – especially designed for children. The line of cookies also includes Água e Sal, Integral, Shortcake and Petit Beurre. MOAÇOR pasta, sold in packs of 250gr and 500gr, is another area of business where the company operates.


Salsiçor– Salsicharia dos Açores, SA, through the brands SALSIÇORSALSIÇOR KIDSSEU (Economic Line), MARÉ CHEIA (fish and seafood), whose main activity is the deboning and processing of pork, beef and poultry, as well as the marketing of various fresh and frozen food. It is present in all the islands of the Azores (with debonig and processing in six of the nine Azorean islands). It also has its own shops (specialized butchers) in Santa Maria, Terceira and Faial. As part of a group of companies integrated into agro, feed and food sector, it has continuously available fresh meat of various species that processes, which allows it to differentiate itself from its competitors.

This company has recently released the brand SALSIÇOR KIDS, directed towards children, with pork and beef mini-burgers. It has the HACCP implemented and focus on modern food technologies in manufacturing, conception and development of new products. The continuous focus on innovation makes it the industry leader of the deboning and meat processing in the Azores. The burger SALSIÇOR was considered in 2006 by a trade magazine as the best Portuguese burger with the best flavor of Portugal (more meat and fewer additives and the best taste).


Avigex – Sociedade de Empreendimentos Avícolas e de Frio, Lda. The Avigex’s main activity is the deboning and packing of chicken. It also sells beef and pork, among others, as well as eggs, vegetables and dairy products. The main brands are AVIGEXAVIGEX KIDSAVIPOUPAPONDEL and GRANPON. Like other companies in the group, AVIGEX has also recently released the brand directed towards children AVIGEX KIDS – marketing chicken breast nuggets.


Pondel – Avícola de Ponta Delgada, Lda., operates in poultry production, specifically broilers that are deboned and marketed by Avigex with the brand PONDELAvigexGranpon and Pondel, act in an integrated and complementary way in the poultry industry in order to produce and sell chicken meat and eggs.


Granpon – Granja Avícola de Ponta Delgada,Lda., is a company of poultry production, which has breeders, a hatchery, broilers, laying hens and an egg grading center. Their products are processed and marketed by the company Avigex.


Agraçor – Suínos dos Açores, SA – Agraçor’s main activity is the production of pork meat and breeding animals. It produces electricity and organic fertilizer through a biogas plant and vermicomposting, as it’s able to value ​​all waste produced on the farm. It is also an operator of organic waste properly licensed, allowing it to enhance waste generated outside the farm. One of the largest pig farms in Portugal, it’s also a leader in the production of pork in the Azores. The group company Salsiçor is its largest customer.


Noviçor – Novilhos dos Açores, SA is dedicated to beef cattle production – in pasture and feedlot. It operates in the Azores, Madeira and mainland Portugal. Its activity is essential to dairy farms, because the purchase of their calves frees them from the surplus and enhances the production of beef.


Altiprado – Empresa Agro-Pecuária da Achada das Furnas, SA is an exploration of 400 dairy cows, the largest of the Azores. Covers a total area of 550 hectares, of which 350 are devoted to milk production by pasture and forage production (grass silage and corn silage) and 200 hectares of forest for the production of wood.

The production of animal feed is the main business area of Finançor Agro-Alimentar, SA and of the whole group. Providing feed for poultry, pigs and cattle, to the companies of the group represents about 20% of production, the remaining 80% are for dairy, cattle, poultry and pig farms in the Azores. The animal feed is marketed under the brands RAÇÕES MOAÇOR, RAÇÕES PROMIL, RAÇÕES PROMILK, RAÇÕES LACTA, RAÇÕES PROMOA and RAÇÕES CANINA.

Rações MoaçorRações PromilRações PromilkRações LactaRações PromoaRações Canina